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Canada 2017 Congratulations 

"One world, One family" Symphony Concert

Supported by Canadian Government Funding for New Horizons for Seniors Program
Presented by:East-West Orchestra MIHB Inc.   

Arts Richmond Hill



To celebrate Canada 150 and showcase the dragon culturue spirit and go forward hand in hand with all nationalities towards future,  the “One world, One Family” Symphony Concert is presented by East-West Orchestra & Choir,MIHB INC and  Arts Richmond Hill to promote Arts and Culture exchanges , friendship and goodwill, supported by the Canadian Government Funding for New Horizons for Seniors Program.

The “One world, One Family” Symphony Concert will be a great show, and you do not want to miss, for there are over 300 hundred performers participated with high quality and production costs.
The “One World, One Family” symphony concert is formed by two half parts.  The first half one is composed of small and medium solo music pieces, mainly performed by leading artists. The most impressive one is the Canadian Xiangyu (David) Zhong, an accomplished composer and conductor, who is dedicated himself to writing music and song lyrics for this concert in celebration of Canada 150.

The choral symphony “Torwards Future” with 8 movements is as the next half part.

 “Towards Future” is the first choral symphony storied about the long journal of the Chinese immigrants in North America strived for victories, composed by Xianyu (David) in 4.5 years with all his efforts to write music and song lyrics. The music artworks covers the story telling from the harsh life of the early Chinese railway workers when they built the railway roads across North American, the victories of contemporary immigrants strived for success, the best wishes to unite the people around the world as a big family to the goodwill to cherish the peace and build Canada better together with all nationalities towards future.
The composer Xianyu (David) Zhang will conduct the “One World, One Family Symphony Concert himself, and about 20 well-known and accomplished music artists in North America will join the leading performances to support this show together with over 200 choral members and the full symphony orchestra players to celebrate Canada 150 in music for its birthday, beautiful nature, history, victory, human being spirit and courage, dreams and best wishes.




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